New to Yoga Trapeze?

If you are new to the world of yoga trapeze, let me tell you a bit more about the practice and why I love being a yoga trapeze instructor.

How is yoga trapeze different from mat based yoga?

  • Mat based yoga focuses on pushing down to the floor and holding poses. Yoga trapeze focuses on the push and holding in poses, but also adds the pull motion that is missing from mat based practice. This pull motion increases upper-body strength and builds grip strength.
  • Using the trapeze, you are able to move deeper into some difficult mat poses. Passive backbends, spine decompression, core strength and posterior muscle strength are all a big part of yoga trapeze. Using the main sling and 3 sets of handles, poses you once thought impossible become attainable.
  • Yoga trapeze focuses a large part on inversions (traction poses) which increase the space between vertebrae, releasing pressure on the spine. 1-2 mm of space can be gained in the low spine.
  • Traction poses force us to breathe diaphragmatically, which calms our nervous system, leading to stress reduction.

Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Traction

  • Strength can come quickly, but it can also leave quickly. That is one reason why consistency in practice is key.
  • Strengthening of the posterior chain of muscles (the muscles that run all the way down your backside to your heels). The posterior chain is your other “core.”
  • Relief of back pain and reduction of pain associated with mild back injuries. (You should always consult your doctor if you do have any injuries to ensure this practice is approved to be safe for your condition.)
  • Modifications are used for many poses depending upon each client’s needs.

I encourage you to try yoga trapeze… I personally feel stronger than I have ever been. I have had a bad case of carpel tunnel for years and after consistent yoga trapeze practice, the symptoms I had been experiencing have all but disappeared. My low back pain is completely gone and my shoulder pain has reduced dramatically.

Until next time…keep practicing your passion!

Published by yogacultstl

I am a Yoga Trapeze and Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Both of these practices offer amazing benefits to our minds, bodies and spirits. Through pranayama (breath techniques), asanas (postures) and meditation, I offer unique classes based upon the needs and wants to each student. Vinyasa is the style of mat-based yoga I teach. It is fairly fast-paced and focuses on one-breath-per-movement flow. We start slow in our warm-up, add heat to the body with our sun salutations, warrior dance and peaks. We cool down with floor poses and end in our beloved Savasana (corpse pose). Yoga Trapeze is the inversion style of yoga that I teach. It is a fantastic upper-body workout, varies in intensity and is very therapeutic. As a teacher of both vinyasa yoga and yoga trapeze, I offer a wide-range of yoga experiences for my students. At times, I will incorporate some vinyasa flow into my yoga trapeze classes, which is a lot of fun. I focus on balance, strength-training and flexibility training and breath to increase my students awareness of their bodies and bring them into the present moment to get the most out of their sessions. I love to have fun and good energy in my classes and work within the limitations of each unique student, while at the same time, pushing the students to their edge. My motto is practice makes progress.

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