History of Yoga Trapeze

It is hard to pinpoint when the yoga trapeze was first introduced to the world of yoga. It is thought that BKS Iyengar (the world’s foremost yoga teacher and author of Light on Yoga) had a part in this introduction. There are pictures of Iyengar using a thick rope and a stack of rolled up mats to practice inversions quite a long time ago. He was known for his yoga props, so this makes quite a bit of sense.

Where I studied yoga trapeze, The Yoga Teachers College in Barcelona, Spain…the founder, Lucas Rockwood, perfected the yoga trapeze in 2007.

  • He created a studio quality yoga trapeze with three levels of handles, along with 4 grip types.
  • The trapeze for inversions can transform your yoga practice by adding core and upper-body strength, flexibility and balance. Back pain and spinal health will be improved and you will be able to progress further into difficult poses.

Even though the very start of the yoga trapeze is unclear, I have to say I am so grateful for this rig. My practice and fitness level thanks the founders(s). If you have more questions about the yoga trapeze and how it works, please feel free to reach out. Better yet, book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Class and try it out for yourself.

Until next time, keep practicing your passion!

Published by yogacultstl

I am a Yoga Trapeze and Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Both of these practices offer amazing benefits to our minds, bodies and spirits. Through pranayama (breath techniques), asanas (postures) and meditation, I offer unique classes based upon the needs and wants to each student. Vinyasa is the style of mat-based yoga I teach. It is fairly fast-paced and focuses on one-breath-per-movement flow. We start slow in our warm-up, add heat to the body with our sun salutations, warrior dance and peaks. We cool down with floor poses and end in our beloved Savasana (corpse pose). Yoga Trapeze is the inversion style of yoga that I teach. It is a fantastic upper-body workout, varies in intensity and is very therapeutic. As a teacher of both vinyasa yoga and yoga trapeze, I offer a wide-range of yoga experiences for my students. At times, I will incorporate some vinyasa flow into my yoga trapeze classes, which is a lot of fun. I focus on balance, strength-training and flexibility training and breath to increase my students awareness of their bodies and bring them into the present moment to get the most out of their sessions. I love to have fun and good energy in my classes and work within the limitations of each unique student, while at the same time, pushing the students to their edge. My motto is practice makes progress.

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