Mindfulness Journey

I have been thinking a lot about mindfulness and how we treat not only one another, but ourselves. Our actions and our words have power that we sometimes do not acknowledge for a multitude of reasons…we are rushing through our day, we are stressed, we are wearing too many hats, we have too much on our minds. The list can go on and on. The thing is, we all need to slow down, stop and breath for even just one moment. Bringing ourselves back into our bodies, our present moment and what is important.

In this journey towards more mindfulness, I have realized that how we treat ourselves, our children, our spouse, our friends, even our pets, has an impact on all of those involved in a dramatic way.

This week I have given us all a word to focus on in my house. This is a way to start becoming more aware of our words and actions and to check back in with ourselves to see if we are truly working on our “word,” our mindfulness, during our day. I come back to this word again and again with my kids to ensure that they are at least thinking about it and remembering it. After time, this will make an impact, I am positive.

Other ways we can practice mindfulness is to journal. This is a great way to reflect on our words and our actions in a safe and introspective way. Stop, notice and think about what you just said or did and how it affected not only yourself, but others involved.

How do you carry your body? Your body language tells quite a bit about how we are feeling and how we are reacting to our surroundings. Stop, notice and become aware.

Lastly, meditate. You do not have to listen to someone speaking and guiding you through a meditative journey if that is not your thing (even though there are some fabulous ones out there). You can find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and just breathe for a few minutes, deeply, in and out through your nose (victorious breath). Even a few moments to take for yourself during your crowded day can make a world of difference.

Then, when the world seems to be spinning out of control, come back to this moment. Come back to mindfulness, awareness and your breath.

Published by yogacultstl

I am a Yoga Trapeze and Vinyasa Yoga instructor. Both of these practices offer amazing benefits to our minds, bodies and spirits. Through pranayama (breath techniques), asanas (postures) and meditation, I offer unique classes based upon the needs and wants to each student. Vinyasa is the style of mat-based yoga I teach. It is fairly fast-paced and focuses on one-breath-per-movement flow. We start slow in our warm-up, add heat to the body with our sun salutations, warrior dance and peaks. We cool down with floor poses and end in our beloved Savasana (corpse pose). Yoga Trapeze is the inversion style of yoga that I teach. It is a fantastic upper-body workout, varies in intensity and is very therapeutic. As a teacher of both vinyasa yoga and yoga trapeze, I offer a wide-range of yoga experiences for my students. At times, I will incorporate some vinyasa flow into my yoga trapeze classes, which is a lot of fun. I focus on balance, strength-training and flexibility training and breath to increase my students awareness of their bodies and bring them into the present moment to get the most out of their sessions. I love to have fun and good energy in my classes and work within the limitations of each unique student, while at the same time, pushing the students to their edge. My motto is practice makes progress.

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