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Mind Vehicle

As a practitioner of yoga and meditation, mantras are important to me. I listen to mantras as I practice yoga, which I feel puts me in a certain state of mind to really focus on my practice and further my journey. Mantras are defined as “a word, saying or sound repeated to aid concentration inContinue reading “Mind Vehicle”

Mindfulness Journey

I have been thinking a lot about mindfulness and how we treat not only one another, but ourselves. Our actions and our words have power that we sometimes do not acknowledge for a multitude of reasons…we are rushing through our day, we are stressed, we are wearing too many hats, we have too much onContinue reading “Mindfulness Journey”

Mudras: Ganesha Mudra

There are so many beautiful and healing mudras we can incorporate into our yoga, pranayama and meditation practices. Mudras channel our Prana, the vital life force energy in our bodies. Today, the spotlight is on the Ganesha Mudra, the mudra of removing obstacles. Named after the Hindu elephant God, Ganesha, adding this mudra to ourContinue reading “Mudras: Ganesha Mudra”

New to Yoga Trapeze?

If you are new to the world of yoga trapeze, let me tell you a bit more about the practice and why I love being a yoga trapeze instructor. How is yoga trapeze different from mat based yoga? Mat based yoga focuses on pushing down to the floor and holding poses. Yoga trapeze focuses onContinue reading “New to Yoga Trapeze?”

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