Yoga Trapeze is a unique form of yoga, offering traction (inversion) through suspension. Yoga trapeze was designed to focus on four goals: relieving back pain, increasing flexibility, strengthening the core (abdominal and posterior chain), and developing upper body strength. Course offerings are customizable to you; book a free Discovery Class to learn more.

Vinyasa Yoga is a mat-based class that is fairly fast-paced and focuses on one-breath-per-movement flow. We start slow in our warm-up, add heat to the body with our sun salutations, warrior dance and peaks. We cool down with floor poses and end in our beloved Savasana (corpse pose). Course offerings are customizable to you.

Yin yoga is a slow, gentle and relaxing style of yoga that has an emphasis on the connective tissue (ligaments, tendons and deep fascia) of the body and meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Poses are held between 2-5 minutes on average with a focus on stillness and longer, deeper stretching of the tissues that surround the body’s moving parts. Some poses may be held for up to 10 minutes. Focus is placed on sitting or lying down in a passive manner, letting gravity play a role in developing a deeper stretch and allowing one to hold poses for a longer length of time.


1-Month Course

The 1-Month Course is a great first option to dive into Vinyasa, Yin or Trapeze Yoga in order to learn more about the many benefits of these practices. Through sequences customized to your individual needs, you will focus on building toward your mental and physical well-being.

1 hour x 4 classes; $160 ($40/class)

2-Month Course

Vinyasa, Yin and Trapeze Yoga offers its greatest benefits as a long-term, or even lifelong, practice. The 2-Month Course is the next level up toward fulfilling this aim, and is a great option for those still on the fence or not ready to invest at the 3-Month level. The longer course length allows for deeper instruction and physical. benefits over the 1-Month Course.

1 hour x 8 classes; $300 (25% savings)

3-Month Course

It takes eight+ weeks of commitment for an activity to become a habit. Recognizing this, YogaCult offers the 3-Month Course, which is the best option for those seeking a longer practice. This course option also provides the greatest savings per class; the best incentive for you to develop and attain your wellness goals.

1 hour x 12 classes; $420 (30% savings)


“Yoga trapeze made me feel strong, supported, capable, and graceful. Mandi’s teaching style is upbeat and encouraging, and before I knew it, I was trying poses I never thought possible. Trapeze also taps into your inner child, making it fun to exercise!”

Laura P.

YogaCult was my introduction to yoga trapeze. Mandi did a great job of making me feel comfortable, and leading me through the poses.”

Marcus B.

I really look forward to our classes, I’m so pumped on my progress! I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it felt to flip and hold myself today with plow pose! I can feel myself getting more flexibility and my upper body engaging more and building strength. I’ve NEVER been a flexible person and in the moment waking up early is difficult, but it’s completely worth it and I’m amazed at how much better I feel and the results I’m already seeing after such a short time

Katelynn R.

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